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Gdov Spring Race

General Terms


1. Goals and purposes of the Race

  • Promotion of middle and long distance running;
  • Recognition of the strongest sportsmen;
  • Tightening bonds among sportsmen from different sport clubs, organizations and cities;
  • Encouraging people to the healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Attraction of tourists and healthy lifestyle fans to Gdov.


2. Race management

  • Administrative office of Gdov (Pskov region);
  • Judging committee:

              The main Judge – Aleksandr Shunyaev

              Head of the stadium – Vyacheslav Markelov

              Head of the track – Vladimir Radaev

  • Director of the race – Sergey Alimov


3. Date, place and schedule of the race:

The place of the race is Gdov town.

Start Camp will be located at the Gdov town stadium at the corner of Sportivnaya and Bogdanov Streets.

The date of the race is 4 May 2019.

Race numbers pick-up will be held:

At the day of the Race at the Gdov Stadium

 from 9:00 till 10:30 am -  for the children’s races

 from 9:00 till 11:30 am – for the distances of  21,1 km, 10,55 km  and 5 km.

Start of the Children’s Races will be at 11:00.

Start of the Races of  21,1 km, 10,55 km and 5 km will be at 12:00.

The race will be held on the streets of Gdov town and alongside the Lake Peipus (Chudskoye).

Children’s Distances:

Participants younger than  2013 birth year  – 200 meters;

Participants from 2012 to  2010 birth year  – 500 meters;

Participants from  2009 to  2007 birth year – 1000 meters;

Participants from 2006 to  2004 birth year    – 1000 meters.

Men and women older than 16 y.o. can become the 21,1 km race participant.

Men and women older than 13 y.o. can become the 10,55 km race participant

Men and women older than 10 y.o. can become the 5 km race participant

Nordic walking is also allowed for the distances of 21.1, 10.55 and 5 km. If the number of participants is more than 5 then they will be separately awarded as well. If the number of participants is less than 5 then their results will be included to the overall runners ranking.


 4. Schedule of the Race

 9:00  – Opening of the Start Camp, beginning of the race numbers pick-up

10:45 – Warm-up for the Children’s races

11:00 – Start of the Children’s races;

11:30 – End of the race numbers pick-up;

11:45 – Warm-up for the Main races;

11:50 – Close of the streets for the car traffic;

12:00 – Start of the races  for 21,1, 10,55 and  5 km;

12:10 – Awarding ceremony of the winners of Children’s races;

13:00 – Awarding ceremony of the winners of 5 km race.

15:00 -  End of the time-limit for half marathon  and opening streets for the car traffic;

17:00 – End of the competition, close of the Start Camp.


5. Participants and age categories

Anyone who wishes and physically prepared can become a participant.

Time limit for the 5 km race is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Time limit for the 10,55 km race is 2 hours 00 minutes.

Time limit for the 21 km 097 m is 3 hours 00 minutes.

Except for the absolute winners on all distances (21,1, 10,55 and 5 km), the winners among men and women of different age categories also will be awarded:

  • М+F17 – participants younger than  17 y.o.;
  • М40, F40 – men and women 40-49 y.o.;
  • М50, F50 – men and women 50-59 y.o.;
  • М60, F60 – men and women 60-69 y.o.;
  • М70, F70 – men and women  older than 70 y.o.

The age of participants is registered for the date of 31 December 2019 г.

The Directors of the race may merge the categories or  approve the new ones in order to maintain the level of competition.


6. Awards

After finishing every participant will be awarded the medals.

First three absolute winners (men and women separately) will be awarded goblets.

1 place winners among different age categories will be awarded goblets.

2 and 3 places winners among different age categories will be awarded Certificates.


7. Run routes

The race will be held on the streets of Gdov town and alongside the Lake Peipus (Chudskoye).

The streets will be closed for the car traffic for the duration of the race.


8. Registration of Participants

Online registration and the payment will be open until 30 April 2019 on  

If the vacant slots are available, the registration can be held at the day of the Race until 11:30 am.

Entrance fee prices (RUB)






Entrance fee is accepted by «» platform. The fee is only spent on the organization of the Race.

If Participant withdraws from participation the entrance fee is not refunded.

Reduced entrance fee:

  • Participants older than 60 y.o. pay 50% of fee;
  • Participants older than 75 y.o. pay 25% of fee.
  • Disabled people pay 25% of fee.

For the activation of registration participants have to send a letter to the e-mail with the copy of the document confirming the right for reduced fee or refer to directors of the race.


To get the start number  participants have to present:

✓ ID document

✓ disabled people have to present the document confirming disability

✓ a doctor's permit (not over 6 month) (specifying the distance) OR application of personal responsibility for the health (ask the form with the race number). Doctor’s permit or its copy should be left at the secretary office and can be returned after the end of the event.

Attention! Participants younger than 18 y.o. are allowed for the distances 5, 10,55 and  21,1 km  with permission of  the main doctor of the race, whom they present their medical permit to OR an application of personal responsibility for the health (ask the form with the race number) filled and signed by the parents or official representative of participant with the witness of the main doctor of the race.

Participants should keep the right side on the track to give a free way for the other athletes.

Athlete participating under the wrong name will be disqualified.


9.   Reclamations

A participant (or his representative) who wants to appeal a claim or complaint regarding the competition, preliminary results of the competition and other violations noticed by him that affected the results of the competition, must appeal himself in written form to the main judge of the competition within one hour after the end of the race or withdrawing from the track.

The participant (representative) may contact the main judge of the competition through the Head of the stadium, the Head of the track or the Director of the race.

The claim fee is 300 rubles. All claims related to the competition are discussed by the competition jury, which includes: the director of the event, the main judge, the head of the track and the head of the stadium. If the claim is satisfied, the amount of 300 rubles is returned to the participant. If the protest is not satisfied, the fee will not be refunded.

10.    Regulation of business activities on the territory of the race

The Directors of the race are responsible to maintain the order and legitimacy on the territory of the race. Therefore any organizations and people willing to conduct the business (to get any kind of profit), have to make the Contract with the organizing Committee.


11.   Contacts

Facebook group - - in English

VK group - Gdov Half marathon - in Russian

Phone +7 921 966 00 37 Sergey Alimov


This Statute shall be the official challenge for the competition.

Transfer to the place of the race and accommodation is payed by participants themselves or their companies.




Until  31 March

1 April - 30 April

At the day of the Race

21.1 km




10.55 km




5 km




Children's distances