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You can get to Gdov from the following cities by regular bus:

Pskov, Ivangorod via Kingisepp, Saint-Petersburg

Check the bus schedule, please. Most likely you will need to come the day before and stay at the hotel.

In the day of the race

 You can take a taxi from Pskov, Ivangorod, Kingisepp or Saint-Petersburg.

For the convenience of runners, we organize two or three free shuttle buses from Saint-Petersburg, Gatchina and Luga.

Start time approximately 6.45 a.m. We will inform you about exact time and boarding place 5-7 days before the race. 

Arrival at 10:00 (approx.) directly to the starting camp.

At the end of the competition, these buses will bring you back.

Please inform us as soon as possible if you need the place in our bus. 5-7 days before the race you can get it only if any place will be vacant.

To book a place (places) in the shuttle bus contact us, please.